Route 76 - N. 60th-S. 70th

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Service Alerts for Route 76
  • We have been notified that the 76th Street Bridge construction (between Main and Greenfield) should be completed in the first week of December.

    Since we have not been given a specific date and to reduce confusion, Routes 44, 44U & 76 will return to regular routing on Saturday, December 6, 2014 at pull out.

    For your convenience, signs will be posted at affected temporary stops.

    Thank you for riding the bus.
  • UPDATED (11/12/14)  - We just received information that the construction plans on Vliet St. (beginning on 9/2/14) has changed.

    REVISED DETOUR CHANGE For Routes 33, 64 & 76

    Route 33 - UPDATED 11/12/14

    WB: Vliet St., to North (R ) on 60th St., East (R ) on Washington Blvd., Layover on Washington Blvd. facing east between 59th and  60th Street

    EB: After the layover, continue east on Washington Blvd. to 53rd Street, South (R) on 53rd Street, East (L) on Vliet to regular route.


    Route 64 - UPDATED 11/12/14

    NB to layover:
    • Continue north on Hawley Road/55th Street to Washington Blvd
    • West (left) on Washington Blvd to 59th Street
    • U-Turn at 59th and layover facing eastbound on Washington Blvd farside at 59th Street
    • After the layover, continue east on Washington Blvd to 55th Street/Hawley Road
    • South (right) on 55th Street/Hawley Road to regular route

    Route 76

    NB: North on 68th St., on Milwaukee Ave., North (R ) on 68th St., East (R ) on Lloyd St., North (L) on 60th St. to regular routing.

    SB: South on 60th St., West (R ) on Lloyd St., South (L) on 68th Street, East (L) on Milwaukee St., South (R ) on 68th St.

  • UPDATED APRIL 21, 2014! Please read carefully!
    Effective Saturday, April 12, 2014 due to construction associated with the Zoo Interchange Project, a portion of 76th Street between Bluemound Road and Main Street closed and Route 76 buses (ONLY the 76th Street branch) were detoured.

    Effective Wednesday, April 23, 2014
    , due to an additional project along 76th Street between Main Street and National Avenue, Route 76 - 76th Street buses will follow Route 76 - 68th/70th Street bus routing between Bluemound Road and National Avenue.

    Passengers will need to board the Route 76 at comparable stops located as follows:

    Along 68th Street between Bluemound Road and 0’Connor Street (north of I-94)

    Along 70th Street between Kearny Street and National Avenue (south of I-94)

    Passengers boarding between Bluemound Road and National Avenue and traveling southbound should watch destination signs carefully as Route 76 – 68th/70th Street AND Route 76 - 76th Street buses will now be using the same stops.

    Also during this time, pedestrians needing to travel over I-94 will not be required to pay a fare when boarding any Route 76 bus between Bluemound Road and Main Street. This is to help ensure public safety, accessibility and mobility during the Zoo Interchange Project and is sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Please note if a transfer is requested the passenger must pay full fare.

    Please note: The detoured portion south of Main Street on 76th Street is a separate construction project, so it is NOT included in the “Free Ride” zone.

    To view a detailed map of affected stops please click here.


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