Route 33 - Vliet Street - Preview

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  • EFFECTIVE DATE: Tuesday, November 11, 2014
    DURATION: Until Further Notice
    AFFECTED AREA: Vliet Street between 54th and 60thROUTE 33 DETOUR

    Westbound to layover:

    • North (right) on 54th Street
    • West (right) on Washington Blvd
    • Layover on Washington Blvd facing west between 58th and 59th Street


    • After the layover U-Turn at 59th and continue east on Washington Blvd
    • South (right) on 53rd  Street
    • East (left) on Vliet Street to regular route

    *NOTE: Passengers can board the bus at 52nd and Vliet or 59th & Washington Blvd (where this bus lays over) in either direction

  • UPDATED (11/12/14)  - We just received information that the construction plans on Vliet St. (beginning on 9/2/14) has changed.

    REVISED DETOUR CHANGE For Routes 33, 64 & 76

    Route 33 - UPDATED 11/12/14

    WB: Vliet St., to North (R ) on 60th St., East (R ) on Washington Blvd., Layover on Washington Blvd. facing east between 59th and  60th Street

    EB: After the layover, continue east on Washington Blvd. to 53rd Street, South (R) on 53rd Street, East (L) on Vliet to regular route.


    Route 64 - UPDATED 11/12/14

    NB to layover:
    • Continue north on Hawley Road/55th Street to Washington Blvd
    • West (left) on Washington Blvd to 59th Street
    • U-Turn at 59th and layover facing eastbound on Washington Blvd farside at 59th Street
    • After the layover, continue east on Washington Blvd to 55th Street/Hawley Road
    • South (right) on 55th Street/Hawley Road to regular route

    Route 76

    NB: North on 68th St., on Milwaukee Ave., North (R ) on 68th St., East (R ) on Lloyd St., North (L) on 60th St. to regular routing.

    SB: South on 60th St., West (R ) on Lloyd St., South (L) on 68th Street, East (L) on Milwaukee St., South (R ) on 68th St.


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